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TYVEK® Classic Xpert

Style Number TYCHF5SWHXP

Engineered with Safety in Mind - Provide the protection and durability you need so you can focus on the task at hand.

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Type 5 – Protection against airborne solid particulate chemicals (Norm: EN ISO 13982-1)

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Type 6 – Limited protection against liquid mist

(Norm: EN 13034)


  • Color : White

  • Type: Protective Clothing 

  • Standard Style: Coverall with Hood, elastic waist wrists and ankles.

  • Seam Type: External stitched seams

  • Sub Type: Disposable Coveralls

  • Standards: TYVEK® coveralls meet ANSI 101-1996 sizing regulations.

  • Available Sizes: Large, Medium, XL, 2XL & 3XL

  • Weight: 180grams

  • Fabric: Tyvek

  • Anti-static

  • Protection Level: Type 5 & 6


Coverall, suit, protective, hooded, limited splash tight, particle tight, disposable, non reusable, single shift use only, Category III (Cat.III) protection level, superior Type 5/6 protection, Type 5-B and 6-B protection, EN 14126 barier to infective agents, EN 1073-2 protection against radioactive contamination, EN 1149-5 anti-static treatment on both sides, non-linting, silicone-free, Tyvek L1431N lightweight non-woven fabric, tough robust abrasion resistant material, good tensile and tear strength, equally strong wet or dry, externally stitched seams, elasticated hood, waist, wrist and ankles, auto-lock zipper and zipper flap, white, pack of 1, individually wrapped, DuPont, Tyvek, Classic Xpert, Model CHF5, TYCHF5SWHXP.


  • High liquid and particulate protection

  • Exceptional design and comfort

  • Good breathability thanks to air and moisture vapour permeability

  • Overall ergonomic shape for perfect fit and protection when moving


Applications for Tyvek® Classic Xpert garments include those found in pharmaceutical handling, chemical processing, the oil and gas industry, mining, general maintenance and operations, automatic spray painting and many others.

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