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Quality Policy

Newtonstar’ business that deals in a variety of trading industrial articles for all clients all over the world… Our success is based upon conformance to our customers’ requirements in all areas of service and customer needs. We never compromise the quality for quantity or any other yard sticks.

It is the policy of Newtonstar to exceed our customers’ expectations by ensuring conformance to all of our customers’ requirements. This will be achieved by ensuring that all specifications are agreed to and clarified by both customers and suppliers, these specifications will be rigidly adhered to at all times. It is the responsibility of all Newtonstar members that they work to achieve quality assurance and performance standards set out in the procedures. Management accepts the responsibility for ensuring that the staff is trained and capable of meeting those standards.​

Our quality system has been designed with customer requirements and consistency of quality service as the paramount consideration, to ensure that both our company and customers can be confident that we can meet the requirements on every occasion. It is every employee’s responsibility to meet the commitment to quality that has been set down in the system. Owing to the priority to serve quality products, various stringent quality tests are conducted from the very initials stage of procurement to the dispatch in the market.

We also try to maintain a quality policy for the equipment we are using. Timely reviews by the supply and the maintenance team will help us in doing this. As the employees and equipment are our assets, we are well concerned with the both.​

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