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Newton Star Established 12 years ago and is serving different sectors with variety of equipment in both upstream and downstream activities. We are also able to source the right products to our client’s requirements by covering a variety of other industries such as Oil and gas, Refinery, Marine, Defense, among many others.​We offer wide and comprehensive ranges of fittings, industrial hoses, composites hoses, Various metal supplies, valves, flanges, Safety, Industrial equipment & much more.

As part of our efforts to further contribute to safety and work efficiency in our industry, we offer a wide range of top-of-the line safety equipment designed and manufactured by some of the industry’s great names.Our Safety Supplies business unit is the main distributor with our full range of high-grade work and protective clothing in the UAE market, thanks to our agency agreements that include the following: Head Protection, Face Protection, Body Protection, Footwear, Hand Protection.

We are committed to ensuring that its activities are an added value for clients, the environment and the local population. We operate under strict standards and legal requirements set by national agencies of the countries in which we perform.

We are Located in the central business district in Dubai which is also the fastest growing commerce hub in the Middle East. Established presence in the UAE market and exports to Middle East countries, S.Arabia, Egypt, and India.

We also Supply all types of Industrial Equipment, parts , consumables as also machinery to the woven sack manufacturing and packaging industries with competency to supply and service with office and warehousing facilities​.

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